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Current status

Current status

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Publié le : samedi 4 avril 2020

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Here we are 2020

For seven years, the Cosmikats have maintained their "noob spirit" ("just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to do it") and have made contributions that reflects into the acquisition and transmission of :
- content creation and editorialisation,
- translation and documentation,
- graphic design, communication and broadcast,
- mediations and intermediations,
- initiations and trainings,
- coding, hacking and development,
- craft and artistic practices,
- production and co-production,
- management and administration.

Involved in the management of an associative coworking space in Brest for 3 years, the association has also learned to combine administrative skills, adapted tools and various types of financing to set up collaborative projects bringing together multidisciplinary partners and benefiting people from nearby territories (Brest, Pays de Brest, Finistère) or furthest territories (Rennes, Nantes, Angers, Arras, Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Brussels, Barcelona, USA...).

Onwards ! mission 2023

In 7 years, thanks to increasing and controlled support, both public and private, the association has grown in strength and carries out its missions on 3 fronts by relying on a base of reinforced resources (human, financial, material). By continuing to contribute and carry out emerging and/or collaborative projects requiring the pooling of diverse means, the Cosmikats bring their resources and skills, internal or external, voluntary or paid, to :
- facilitate the design and dissemination of digital and creative projects benefiting each and every audience ;
- encourage the gateways between arts and technologies by supporting experimentation ;
- help Brest’s free community to project itself beyond the territory by cultivating dialogue and transversality.

Spontaneously exploring multiple galaxies and eclectic cross-disciplinarity, the association continues to expand its presence at events of all kinds by promoting dialogue and gateways with ecosystems towards which other more historical actors of digital and free software in Brest are not necessarily oriented.

To infinity and beyond > 2053 \_(°□°)_/

The association has colonized space by federating all the feline worshippers of the universe.
Elon Musk missed the boat and the start-up nation collapsed under the weight of its own disruptiveness.†

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